Attention Guiting Road Gamers!

This will be a Call of Cthulhu campaign set during World War II (1939-45). Player characters will be members of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), an organisation set up by Churchill to wage war against the German forces occupying mainland Europe. Their brief included intelligence gathering, sabotage, distributing propaganda and sometimes assassination, often working with local resistance fighters. Theirs was a dangerous existence, hunted by the Third Reich’s counterintelligence agencies including the feared Gestapo, risking discovery and betrayal daily. A mistake or even bad luck could end in torture and death for an agent.

In this campaign, however, the PCs face other foes. Aeon-old forces sense the discord across the globe and seek to advance their own agendas through representatives both human and alien. Sometimes the destruction wrought by war uncovers that which should have lain hidden. Either way, the consequences of such powers being set loose on the world would be far worse than a"thousand-year Reich". With the national defence effort focused on fighting the Nazis, who will stand against this ancient evil?

World War Cthulhu: Set Europe Ablaze