World War Cthulhu: Set Europe Ablaze

Three Kings (3)

Monday afternoon through to Monday night

The four civilians turned out to be Czech resistance, one of whom thanked the investigators and introduced himself as Radek. Just then the radio on the half-track crackled: “Valkyrie Patrol, this is HQ. We heard weapons fire – report.” Karl answered, but HQ were not satisfied with his reply and demanded to speak to ‘Leutnant Muller’. The lieutenant being unavailable (sprawled against the half-track riddled with bullet-holes), Friedrich took his place and reported that they had killed some partisans and would be returning to the castle shortly. This satisfied HQ and the agents and resistance set to work burying the dead and helping themselves to arms and ammunition. Twenty minutes later another call came in; the patrol had not arrived back at the castle and what was delaying them? Friedrich pleaded a mechanical fault, but HQ were unconvinced and sent a motorcycle and sidecar team to investigate. The agents hid again and watched the two soldiers arrive at the abandoned half-track. As one was about to radio in, Bronya broke out of the trees, pretending to be fleeing an attacker. The soldier she ran up to was not convinced and levelled his MP38. Bronya pretended to faint and the other agents opened up from the trees. There was another short gun battle and soon both soldiers lay dead, although one had winged Karl. The wound was only minor and Bronya treated it successfully.

Radek and his three colleagues decided it was time to go and headed into the woods. The agents made their way east along the southern edge of the woods. Fairly soon they saw a half track on the road, travelling west. They made it to the eastern edge of the trees and looking down saw a footbridge across the Berounka River, patrolled by two soldiers. After some discussion the agents removed all their weapons and hid them in two caches, then walked down to the bridge. The area seemed to be on alert and the guards were unusually suspicious, but accepted their stories and allowed the agents past.


Bronya, Tommy and Karl returned to the circus to prepare for that evening’s performance while Friedrich and Jean-Paul returned to their guest house. Upon entering his room the young Frenchman noted that some of his possessions seemed to have been moved from their original positions – a sure sign of a search. Friedrich, however, noted nothing amiss.
During that evening’s performance Bronya and Karl spotted their new friend Radek sitting in the circus audience with another man they did not recognise. Afterwards he approached them asking if he and his friend could ‘have their photo taken’. Bronya took the hint and the four of them returned to her caravan. The newcomer’s name was Vaclav, Radek’s superior in the local resistance. He thanked the agents for saving his men and asked what they were doing. Bronya and Karl explained MI6’s desire to create links with the Three Kings and eventually handed over the letter from England. Vaclav began reading the letter then stopped abruptly and replaced it in its envelope. Previously sceptical, his tone seemed to change and he said he would be in touch.

That night Karl had a curious dream.
I was walking through a forest, trying to catch up with a man ahead of me. Eventually I came to a clearing and I saw the man, dressed as a priest, standing in a pulpit and preaching. Looking around I saw I was surrounded by German soldiers watching the preacher. Something made me look behind me. It was night, but the darkness seemed to be particularly intense. For some reason I felt afraid. I heard frightened shouting around me and as I looked the darkness seemed to move..then the dream ended.


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