World War Cthulhu: Set Europe Ablaze

Three Kings (2)

Saturday through to Monday morning

The agents arrived in Karlstein separately; Bronya, Karl and Tommy arrived with a travelling circus, posing as workers/performers. Friedrich and Jean-Paul arrived by train. Friedrich using his own identity as an Imperial Airways pilot on leave, and Jean-Paul in his normal capacity as a private detective tracing beneficiaries of a will.

Following a performance of the circus on Saturday night the agents met after the show, though not before dodging the attentions of an unsavoury-looking Gestapo man with pockmarked skin and terrible breath. The following morning, Bronya and Jean-Paul attended church. The officiating priest was a stand-in – the usual priest, Father Pavel, had been arrested and killed by the Germans in connection with resistance activity. Jean-Paul put out feelers among some of the congregation in the hope of contacting the mysterious Father Andrej – codename ANGEL – on the pretext that he might know the supposed will beneficiaries. Tommy remained at the circus camp. Friedrich managed to locate a map of Karlstein Castle (now occupied by the German army) at the local library. He also chatted to a couple of German soldiers, one of whom mentioned a ‘doctor in the basement’ before the other shut him up.

After church, Bronya distributed leaflets in Karlstein village while Karl entertained the crowds with a mime show. A Gestapo man was in the watching crowd. Meanwhile, Jean-Paul and Friedrich spent several hours talking to three old men in a local bar, buying them beer and lunch in the hope of finding out more about ways into the castle . This attracted some interest from the bar staff. The old men did not know anything but said they knew someone who might and would get in touch in two days. Sunday afternoon and evening were taken up with two more circus performances.

On Monday morning the investigators decided to travel to Krupna village (where Fr Andrej was based). The church was boarded up and no entry was possible. From snippets of conversation the agents pieced together a picture of the missing priest that suggested his character had changed recently – he would speak confidently, almost blasphemously, of being an ‘instrument of God’, ‘fighting fire with fire’ and even of driving the Nazis out of Karlstein.

While walking back to Karlstein the investigators heard a gunshot. Bronya spotted half-track marks leading off road into the woods. After a stealthy approach they came across a German patrol and their vehicle in a clearing. An officer was interrogating four civilian men and had already shot one. The agents launched a devastating surprise attack, killing or incapacitating all the soldiers before they could get off more than a few shots.


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