World War Cthulhu: Set Europe Ablaze

Three Kings (1)

London: The Briefing

The PCs were summoned to a briefing by Major Grand of ‘Section D’ of MI6. They are to form a team who will investigate rumours of atrocities centred around Karlstein Castle, about 40km south-west of Prague, Czechoslovakia (or the German Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, as it became after 15 March 1939).

Objectives for the mission are:

  • to contact the Czech “Three Kings” resistance movement and establish links with its leaders (the team have been provided with a letter of introduction from the former head of military intelligence, Frantisac Moravec, to facilitate this);
  • to contact the priest (codename: ANGEL) who has been rescuing children from Karlstein Castle who were kidnapped by the Nazis; and
  • to investigate the rumours of atrocities at the castle and take action to stop them

For the “Three Kings” mission, each investigator is issued with the following items of basic gear in addition to weapons and ammunition:

  • 1 set of identity papers to support their cover stories
  • 2 hand grenades
  • 1 dagger
  • 1 gas mask
  • 1 entrenching tool
  • 1 potassium cyanide “L-pill”

Also available if they want:

  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 haversack containing:
  • 2 packs of 24-hour rations (including tea)
  • 1 ground sheet
  • 1 enamelled mug
  • 1 mess tin
  • 1 collapsible stove
  • 1 tin of fuel blocks
  • 1 tin of water purification tablets

The operations group as a whole also carries the following equipment. Let the investigators decide which of them should carry these items.

  • 2 compasses
  • 1 map set, showing the Karlstein area
  • 1 pair binoculars
  • 1 pair wire cutters
  • 1 35mm camera, suitable for photographing documents


Looks good to me! I Hope you are happy with my suggestion for the change to Bronya’s language skills…….. it will make party interactions a LOT easier!!!!

Three Kings (1)
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