World War Cthulhu: Set Europe Ablaze

Sleeper Agents

Extracts from after-action report on Operation COUNTERPANE

The second raid on the museum proved more successful. Our team was able to locate the concealed room in the basement containing the “Sleeper” and perform Saint Pol’s ritual. Our sensitives no longer experience the dreams that led to the initiation of Operation COUNTERPANE, which strongly suggests the ritual had the desired effect, and a highly dangerous supernatural entity has been secured for at least several centuries.

An unexpected bonus of this operation has been the death of Gestapo Kapitan Oskar Kalb, who was apparently trying to locate the “Sleeper” when he ran into our team and was shot dead by (REDACTED). His body now lies within the “Sleeper’s” room which will naturally prevent its discovery until the wards begin to weaken. Kalb’s deputy, Wolfgang Todt, arrived at the conclusion that his superior had been kidnapped by the “Poisoners Cult” in revenge for the death of their leader, Yvonne Caradec. He organised a substantial military and police sweep of the derelict industrial area to the south-east of Rennes, which resulted in a fierce battle and the deaths of several more cult members.

Given that the cult seems to have worshipped the “Sleeper”, the Germans seem to have done us a favour in wiping them out. However, there is no knowing if there are more members of the cult in Rennes who may have gone to ground. Furthermore, Todt was seen removing several notebooks from the railyard hideout. The content of these is unknown, but it is disturbing that potentially occult material has found its way into enemy hands.

Gottfried von Laue completed his work at the museum and seems to have been posted elsewhere; his attempts to find the secret room were thankfully unsuccessful. He remains a person of interest to Section N.

Rene Celle remains at large in Rennes, and continues his efforts to ingratiate himself with the local Breton militia. He, too, remains of interest to Section N, given that he is probably in possession of at least one occult book. If local Resistance plan assassinations of collaborators, they should be encouraged to add his name to the list.

Overall Operation COUNTERPANE has been a success. The main threat (the “Sleeper” entity) was neutralised; an important Nazi functionary and possible sorcerer has been eliminated; and a dangerous group of cultists has been eradicated, or at least severely weakened. This was all achieved while maintaining operational security and establishing the foundations of a local Resistance network.


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